Apple and fruit juices

Apple and fruit juices in the assortment of own production under the TM "GOERGO" We produce juices using exclusive diffusion juice extraction technology. Premium quality juice for a healthy diet WITHOUT SUGAR and preservatives

  • Volume 250 ml, glass bottle.
  • In a Bag-in-box package
  • Shelf life is 2 years.

Customer-oriented collection of natural apple juice and apple fruit and berrymixes.

The GOERGO juice line is produced by Flagship LLC in an improved technological "diffusion" method, which has been known since time immemorial and was first described in England in the 50s of the XVIII century in connection with the discovery of natural apple pectin and the beginning of its production. Currently, the "Diffusion" method is described in great detail in the special technical literature on food technologies and tends to be constantly improved. In Europe and overseas, "Diffusion" technology is used by small boutique productions that are aimed at producing Premium and Luxury juices.

. The author's recipe of LLC"Flagship".

The "Diffusion" method of juice extraction, supplemented by the author's recipe of our company, is based on the process of extraction of intercellular and intracellular fluid by replacing it with softened water at temperatures up to 70 ° C

Advantages of "Diffusion" extraction.

Diffusion extraction of juices has a number of undeniable advantages over other mass technologies and, first of all, it is the absence of oxidation of juice and fruit fiber by air oxygen.

The composition of the diffusion juice._Juices for a healthy diet.

As a result of the absence of oxidation, diffusion juices, in terms of the content of vitamins and minerals, are as close as possible to their composition in fresh fruits.

  • Vitamin composition: B1 B2 B5 B6 B9 C E РР
  • Composition of trace elements: AL Fe I Mn Cu Mo Cr Zn
  • Composition of trace elements: K Ca Na Mg Ph Cl
  • Amino Acids
  • Carbohydrates

Our juices are made without the addition of sugar and other preservatives.

Apple pectin is an undeniable benefit for a healthy diet.

In the process of studying and searching for the best balance of temperature regime, extraction time and composition of specially prepared water, our technologists have achieved the maximum degree of extraction of natural pectin substances into the finished juice.

Pectin is a natural polysaccharide that is part of water-soluble fiber fibers. Pectin is the best natural enterosorbent, which causes its undeniable benefits for a healthy diet.

Useful properties of pectin.
  1. Natural pectin normalizes digestive and metabolic processes, improves intestinal motility, improves immunity. Removes toxins and heavy metals from their body.
  2. Cleanses the circulatory system.
  3. Promotes rejuvenation, prevents aging processes.
  4. It has a positive effect on the work of the pancreas, regulates the sugar content in the blood.
  5. It is a preventive measure against the development of oncological diseases.
  6. The risk of stroke, diabetes mellitus, and heart attack decreases.
  7. Prevents the development of atherosclerosis.
  8. Restores and preserves the bacterial flora of the human intestine.
  9. Reduces the level of "harmful cholesterol".Польза пектина очевидна. Неслучайно на его основе разработаны специальные диеты для людей, которые стремятся похудеть без вреда для здоровья.

250 ml of apple juice or apple fruit and berry mix from TM "GOERGO"" satisfies the daily need for pectin by 35-45%.

Organoleptic properties of pasteurized apple juice from "GOERGO""

The taste properties of apple juice and apple-fruit mixes maximally convey the shades of aroma and taste of fresh apples and fruits. - In the process of tasting juices, first of all, the aroma and taste of the original fruits are felt with a hint of light refreshing sourness, primarily inherent in the apple.

  • The flavors and aromas of other fruits that make up the mix very delicately "catch up" with the first taste sensation of the apple "bouquet".
  • The second wave of taste impressions organically supports the first "chords" and envelops them with a sweet "dream" of water-soluble carbohydrates and polysaccharides (pectin), giving the juice a barely noticeable enveloping sensation. This began the healing effect of a natural enterosorbent – dissolved fiber fibers.
  • The aftertaste of the apple-fruit "melody" leaves light notes of fruit aroma and a feeling of saturation with living moisture in the complete absence of acid or sugar residues.

Our juices are natural, translucent, not illuminated to the lumen, contain a small amount of suspension of natural origin, which in terms of volume content correspond to the declared technology.

Pasteurization of the juice takes place in the "hot bottling process" of 70-75⁰C in disinfected hot glass bottles, which are immediately sealed with metal wrapping lids that provide vacuumization and tightness.

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